Tenant Resources

SHBC Internet Providers
Mail, UPS, and FedEx: deliveries & Pickup


  • Your address should be in this format:
    Company XXX
    South Hill Business Campus (optional)
    Suite xxx
    950 Danby Rd.
    Ithaca, NY
  • The mail room is located just off the main lobby. Your suite entry key will work in your mailbox. Larger items are delivered to the package room, located just to the right of the main lobby. See the Property Mgr. for a package room access code.
  • Pick-up and Delivery is around 2pm, Monday-Saturday.
  • Questions regarding your mail can be answered by asking our mail carrier or calling the Ithaca Main Post Office at 266-0570.
  • You will need to fill out a change of address form in order to get mail redirected to your suite. This can be done on-line at moversguide.usps.comor by visiting the post office.

Fed Ex

  • The Fed Ex area is located in a secured area of the North Dock. Shelving units are labelled by carrier for outgoing (top shelf) and alphabetically by tenant for incoming (middle shelf and floor).
  • Fed Ex Express delivers weekday mornings around 9 am and picks-up in the afternoon around 3:30 pm. This is Fed Ex Express only, Fed Ex Ground must be arranged for separately.
  • Questions regarding your account or shipment may be made directly to Fed Ex at 1-800-242-9761 (Ithaca Station). The call for pick up number is 1-800-463-3339.


  • The UPS area is located in a secured area of the North Dock. The shelving units are labelled by carrier for outgoing (top shelf) and alphabetically by tenant for incoming (middle shelf and floor).
  • UPS (Ground and Air) delivers weekday mornings around 9 am and picks up in the afternoon around 3 pm.
  • Questions regarding your account or shipment may be made directly to UPS at 1-800-742-5877.


  • You will need to call other carriers directly to arrange for pick-up.
  • We have docks with dock locks and levelers to accommodate large trucks along with smaller docks for pick-ups and vans. Our south end dock is equipped with a dock to ground ramp.
  • South Hill Business Campus is available to help with your material movement needs with fork truck assistance. Please provide 48 hrs. notice and contact the Property Mgr directly. We also have a variety of carts and material movement equipment.
  • Both the north and south docks have a limited staging area that may be stored for short-term storage of your shipments awaiting pick-up or movement to your space.
Maintenance Request

To best serve your personal needs, please contact the property manager directly at:

Linda Luciano, Property Manager
office: 607-256-2025
cell: 607-278-8904
home: 607-844-3695

If you are unable to reach the property manger, contact Josh Minor, Maintenance Supervisor at 607-279-8903.

Waste & Recycling


Receptacles for office tenants (garbage, mixed paper and recyclables) are
located in the building as follows:

  • Office tower (1st and 2nd floor) - inside janitor closet across from the
    elevator, next to the restrooms
  • Business Center (south and north)- inside the closet between the men’s and
    women’s restroom
  • The Zero Sort recycling compactor is located on the ground floor next to the north men’s and women’s rooms. It accepts paper of all types and cardboard as well as plastic, glass and aluminum as described below. If you have a large load, please push the button to compact.
  • The garbage dumpster is located on the south dock (outside last dock door)
  • All hazardous waste is the responsibility of the tenant.

Please contact the property manager with specific waste needs.


South Hill Business Center will be recycles the following:

    • Newspaper and glossy inserts
    • Corrugated cardboard and boxboard
    • Glass bottles and jars
    • Metal cans and aluminum foil
    • Plastic bottles and jugs
    • Paper milk and juice cartons
    • Mixed Paper


YES Newspapers, glossy inserts and magazines may be put together with other paper types.
NO Product samples, plastic wrap or string.

Corrugated Cardboard And Boxboard

YES Clean corrugated boxes; boxboard (cereal, pasta, shoe and tissue boxes); paper egg cartons. Remove plastic liners. Will not need to flatten the cardboard because of the compacter.
NO Wax- or plastic coated boxes, wood, plastic or string. No leftover food. NO boxes from wet foods, such as ice cream, frozen foods or takeout foods.

Mixed Paper

YES Opened mail, white and colored office paper, magazines, flyers, paper bags, posters, fax paper and cards, spiral notebooks, manila folders, phone books, soft cover books. Staples, paper clips, rubber bands and plastic windows are ok.
NO Blueprint paper, Tyvek envelops, waxed paper, photo paper, tissues, paper towels, or non-paper items, such as product samples, credit cards, overhead transparencies, or computer disks.

Glass Bottles And Jars

YES Food and beverage containers only. Discard lids and caps. Rinse clean. Labels and neck rings are ok.
NO Plate glass, drinking glasses,crystal, Pyrex, Visionware, light bulbs or tubes, medicine bottles, ceramics, hazardous product bottles, canning jars, wire, caps or lids.

Metal Cans And Aluminum Foil

YES Rinse clean. Place metal lids inside can and pinch top together. Labels are ok. Aerosol cans must be empty: dispose of caps and use up contents according to directions. Save aerosol pesticides for D.E.P.O.T events.
NO Food residue, pesticide cans, syringes, paint cans, gas or propane containers.

Plastic Bottles And Jugs

YES #1 through #7 plastic bottles and jugs. Includes household products, beverage or food containers. Top opening must be smaller than base except yogurt and butter containers.
NO Wide-mouth, stackable containers (except #5); take-out containers, Microwave trays, lids, pails; flower pot and flats; pesticide containers; automotive oil based product bottles. No Styrofoam. Do not tie jugs with string.

Paper Milk And Juice Cartons

YES Paper milk and juice cartons; drink boxes and soy milk containers. Rinse cartons, drain, and flatten, if possible.
NO Plastic screw-on tops, drinking straws or food residue. Please don't put cartons in with recyclable paper.

Zero – Sort Recycling. This simply means that all recyclable materials will go in the same recycling bin or in the compactor. That's right, paper, plastic, glass, and metal all in the same bin! Zero – Sort Recycling is an easy way to recycle.

Parking Information and Commuting Options

Parking At SHBC:

  • Use of the parking lot is limited to SHBC tenants and their vistors only.
  • Skate boards, roller blades and go-carts are not allowed.
  • Parking is at the risk of the tenant.
  • The speed limit is 15 mph.
  • Exit Ramp: the first ramp is one-way going up.
  • Entry Ramp: the middle and end ramps are one-way going down.
  • The Visitor lot is reserved for guests of SHBC tenants (except as marked).
  • Overnight parking is allowed by special arrangement only. Please contact the Property Manager.
  • No long-term parking is allowed in the lobby circle
  • Parking is not allowed in the marked spaces across from the shipping docks. These areas are needed to allow room for trucks to back up into the docks.
  • The marked handicap parking on the top tier is reserved for those with handicap permits. Information on obtaining handicap parking permits and plates can be found at www.nydmv.state.ny.us - click on the FAQ section.

TCAT Bus Schedule

  • Tompkins City Area Transit bus stop is located in front of the office tower, on the walkway at the beginning of the main employee parking lot (see diagram above).
  • Route #65 services South Hill Business Campus, parts of Cornell, IC and Danby.
  • Service is available Monday-Saturday with both scheduled and Demand Stop routes.Please consult the current schedule at www.TCATbus.com for specific times.


Way2Go is a county-wide educational resource that supports win-win commuting solutions for employers and employees. A program of Tompkins County Cooperative Extension, Way2Go promotes transportation choices that foster individual, community and environmental well being such as, Cityvan, Ithaca Carshare and Vanpool options. They can also provide information on Commuter tax incentives and the Working Familiy transportation Act.

Download an informational PDF (Requires Acrobat Reader)

Food & Catering Options

Vending Machines

Vending machines providing soda, juice and snacks are located on the ground floor near the office tower elevator and in the business center tunnel.

Indoor Cafe Seating

A cafe seating area is available when you just want to get away from your work for awhile. It is equiped with a TV, sink, microwave and toster oven.

Picnic Area

An open air eating area is provided outside the office tower and is open to all employees on a first come basis.

Serendipity On-The-Go Cafe

Providing breakfast, lunch, and coffee/pastries. Regular menu and lunch specials available.
Open 8 am - 2 pm daily (check on holidays). Located at employee entrance. Accepting cash, credit and debit cards.

Stop in and sign up for our weekly e-mail menu specials.
southhillcafe@gmail.com phone-273-2304

Serendipity Catering

Serendipity Catering is a fully slcensed and insured full service catereing company. Our professionals are experienced in orchestrating catered affairs of every size and scope, from intimate personal dinners and storybook weddings to large non-profit gala events. Serendipity enjoys alliances with an array of qualified professionals in entertainment, photography, party rental companies and florists.

We are located at South Hill Business Campus in Suite 15.

Contact Stephanie Holzbaur: Office 273-2145, Cell 279-1093


Workout Facilities


The Gym

Open 24 hours a day with key fob access, the gym offers a convenient way to stay in shpe,. Staffed hours are posted. There is a full compliment of cardio and weight training equipment. Personal trainers are available to keep you motivated. Tenants receive discounted memberships which are often reimbursable through your health insurance.

Located in Suite 5 on the ground floor office tower.

Contact Lara Dunn: 220-8390                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          lara@thegymaaf.com

Group Fitness Room

Included at no cost with a gym membership is access to the group fitness room offering a mix of virtual and hands on classes such as spinning, yoga, zumba and more. Join a scheduled class or set up your own virtual instruction from a menu full of choices.

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms equipped with private showers (handicap accessible) are located right next to the gym facilities allowing you to get an early workout and stay fresh the rest of the day.